Montag, 4. März 2013

Janbiya glossary

man selling ʿiswab to retailers in the Sūq al-Janābī
© Marie-Christine Heinze

I have just published a glossary on dagger-related terminology in the magazine of the German-Yemeni Society, the Jemen-Report. The glossary is the result of several years of research on the Yemeni dagger as part of my dissertation project at the University of Bielefeld. It provides an introduction to the term 'janbiya' itself and then to a multitude of highly specialized and sometimes contradictory terms one encounters in the various markets involved in the dagger business in the Old City of Sanaa. You can get a copy of the glossary by ordering a copy of Vol. 44 of the Jemen-Report through the German-Yemeni Society (schoepperle[at] or by contacting me.

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