Donnerstag, 12. Januar 2012

One day without qat

Today, the Yemeni youth demonstrates once again its faithfulness to the goals of the Yemeni revolution, which go much further than "simply" getting Salih to leave office. Much rather - and as the currently ongoing "parallel revolution" demonstrates - Yemeni (educated) youth aim to change society as a whole. For today they have called upon fellow Yemenis to participate in a Day Without Qat, thus drawing attention to once of the most prominent and in many ways detrimental practices of Yemenis, male and female alike.

To inform yourself about the pro and contra debate in regard to qat, I recommend you read Daniel Varisco's paper on "The elixir of life or the devil's cud? The debate over Qat (Catha edulis) in Yemeni culture" or, if you have time enough for a book, Shelagh Weir's seminal study on "Qat in Yemen: Consumption and social change".

To inform yourself on the ongoing campaign and its possiblities of success, click here.

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