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Combating sexual harrassment and gender discrimination in Yemen

photo by Yemen Times

These days, great initiatives spring up everywhere as young people, emboldened and politicized by the Yemeni "revolution", decide to become active on issues they consider detrimental for society. Below is a report by the Yemen Times on one of these initatives:

Fighting for Yemen's morals
Yemen Times, January 23, 2012
by Marwa Najmaldin

In a hall in Sana’a, on International Volunteers Day last month, a whiteboard was hung with words often used by men to harass girls. A room full of young boys were told to throw arrows at the board and when full, the words were pulled back to reveal a picture of a girl. On the picture, pocked with arrow marks, was written the words, “I am your mother, I am your sister, I am your wife, I am your daughter.”

“We started this campaign because we feel that this problem [of harassment] is getting worse and the results will be harmful to individuals and to our conservative society,” said co-founder, Amani Abd Al-Qader, 21, a student at the University of Sana’a.

Under the slogan “Are there any morals anymore?” Al-Qader, explained the campaign was against any form of harassment – whether directed at women or men.

Read the rest of the article and view further pictures of the campaign here.

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