Freitag, 23. Dezember 2011

The March of Life

"Thousands of Yemenis have joined the “Life March” that began its 250 kilometer journey from Taiz to Sana’a on Tuesday, December 20, due to arrive in the capital Sana’a to stage a demonstration in front of Parliament on Saturday, December 24.

The “Life March” could be one of the longest marches recorded in history, but just as remarkable as the march, has been the complete silence of international media about this unprecedented event, including TV networks and newspapers in the Middle East, all of which have circumvented the importance of the event by simply calling it a “peaceful rally.”

To Yemenis and readers in the Middle East this is hardly a surprise: The revolution in Yemen has received limited coverage, even though hundreds of people have been massacred, cities stormed and peaceful demonstrators attacked.

For a country at the edge of breaking, being one of the world’s poorest, with a long history of unrest and secession, continued strife in the north, and with millions and millions of firearms on the streets, the fact that the Yemeni revolution did not escalate into a civil war is one of the most remarkable and yet unheard of, successes of Arab Spring.

On Saturday, the Parliament is scheduled to vote a law that would grant full immunity from prosecution to President Ali Abdullah Saleh and many senior officials, in compliance with the terms of the deal brokered by the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and signed by Saleh in November in Saudi Arabia.

The Yemeni revolutionaries have made clear the aims of this peaceful march: Rejection of the deal brokered by the Gulf Cooperation Council and political compromises with Saleh, their adamant refusal to circumvent the goals of the revolution and to accept guarantees or amnesty granted to those who have looted and savaged Yemen for decades.

Lastly, they emphasized that the world should know that what is happening in Yemen is a revolution and not just a political crisis. In this spirit, they call for peaceful coexistence between all political and religious groups, to ensure true freedom for all Yemeni people." 

(Arie Amaya-Akkermans: Yemen's 'Live March' monumental, but media remains silent, in: bikyamasr 23.12.2011; read the rest of the article here)

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And below is some video footage on the March from AJE:

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