Samstag, 24. September 2011

Salih's return

So, Salih took us all by surprise and sneaked back in the night before last while we were sleeping. He as yet has to make his "speech to the nation", which was announced for yesterday, but has now been delayed to September 26, when Yemen celebrates the revolution against the imamate of 1962. Salih obviously finds it fitting to deliver his speech, with which he will aim to put an end to this year's revolution, on this day. Meanwhile, he has made it more than clear that he is willing to reassert his power in Sanaa with all necessary force. He believes that as long as this city is his, the country is his. While we wait for him to make his speech, in which he will announce exactly how he is going to continue gambling away the lives of innocent Yemenis for the sake of his hold on power, I recommend you read this or this (there are several pages to this post).

And if you are feeling desperately cynical, I recommend you watch this. It has all you need to understand Salih's politics:

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